Quote For Thought Wednesday


Quote For Thought Women Wednesday

Even the best in the field has someone to contend with. There will always be someone, wiser, faster, smarter. We have all heard this one before. But that is on an even playing field.

Our field has yet to be equal. I would say that it is close. It is getting to almost equal, but until it is….

Wanting equality to me in certain areas does in no way diminish the competitive drive of humans in general. Wanting equal pay for equal work, does not mean we lack the drive to be the boss. Perhaps it is a mild stepping stone to that  point. LOL

The most ambitious plans are carried out through small steps. Maybe that is where women’s ambition lies.

I know I am  ambitious to a degree. I want to be able to hold my own in whatever arena I end up in. That is not to say I necessarily model myself after the men in the field. Or that I want to be equal to them in how they went about doing their business. Even in their success and  on other accounts ,I believe my ambition  drives me to aim quite a bit higher.

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Burros and Morning Oats in the small town of Erp

This week ended on a high note. A few days ago we packed up and left our campsite in Blythe. We were a bit weary due to the wind advisory, but we set out in hopes of getting everything done and being at our new location before it caught us. My husband has told me many times to never drive while the wind is blowing hard. The advisory on our phones said to expect wind gusts up to 45 and 50 mph. He was very clear that we  should be at our new camp site before the wind came in.Pagodasdream,FirstSpring,blackandwhite, photography,blog,2017

Our window of oppourtunity to move and relocate was beforeThursday night. We received our alert on wednesday night. My husband knew where we were going, but although I didn’t know where, I just knew it wasn’t going to take us long to get there.

When we left our site we needed to stop and get fuel, propaine,food, portable water, drinking water, wash laundry, and travel on to our next spot. Although it didn’t seem like a lot to do, it took us well over 3.5 hours to do them. (Although we had a timeline we were not in a hurry.) By the time we finished food shopping we were beat and ready to head for camp. We had two options from our nearest Walmart, which was in Parker. We decided on the closet BLM to us and headed out.

Our new camp location

We arrived in a small dot of a town called Erp. I only knew the name because I noticed it on the side of the post office. We were now near the Turtle mountains on the outside of the Mohave desert. Getting here did not take long . Just before bed as expected the wind started. We were rocked almost all night. I was afraid we were going to tip over, but I was calmly told that with the full fuel tank, propain tank and water hold, and our engine in front I had nothing to be concerned about. That being said……. I was up all night and watched alot of comedies to keep my mind off the wind.

The wind died down enough the next day that we were able to go for a walk. This place is awesome. There is a gorgeous wash just behind our site. It doesnt get asdark as it did down near Blythe, but we were further away from the city. I think all the lights we see at night is Parker. This particular area has a small rock mountain that is great for Pictures. And since we are still in the desert, there is still an abundance of wildlife. I get my lecture before I leave the RV, (Beware the Rattlesnakes) and then I am off.  

Apparently there is a lot of ATV trails here also. I haven’t seen any yet, but the nearby trails are very well used.

When we were driving here that Thursday, I noticed signs along the road noting Be cautious around curves and to watch for Burros. I thought they were all near the Grand Canyon. I was happily delighted this very morning. Coming out of the big wash area near our RV was a small group of wild burros . We were able to watch them while eating our oatmeal. After breakfast I was in photo heaven. There were six in all, one is a shaggy young male. Adorable!!!  Small Burro.pagodasdream,2017,blog,KdjLaMon

We watched them for at least 2 hours before my husband wanted to start working on his projects. We are just purchasing our generator for Pagoda, so he is having a reorganizing fit. I wanted to go on another walk around the trails and near the wash, but I am uncomfortable leaving the RV with them out there. I have been told that they will not bite, but they are wild. I will not chance it myself. My husband moves about outside with no care. They are about 50 yards away from the RV, but I also do not want to spook them. I can wait. I’m sure they will not stay here forever. They were not here when we first arrived.

We have seen a group of people turn in off the road to see the burros from their minivan. The people were very excited. The burros……not so much.

For now we are awaiting word on our generator. When we have it I will write a review on what we initially think about it, how it works for our needs etc. Generally I would say our trip is going very well. We are 1 year ( last month) into owning our RV. My husband calculated we have already made our investment back. So we are doing well I would say. 

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Quote For Thought Wednesday


Quote For Thought Women Wednesday

At some point, I am sure that every woman has had a thought or two as to why the individual rights of women,( in this era) still needs to be fought for. Why are there people who would want to make it harder for women and why are we not to the point of equality yet. It is concerning, we should not only be concerned for ourselves but for future generations that will also have to deal with this issue.

Women need to stay aware in regards to our rights as individuals, our rights to be treated fairly and justly in general. Knowing when something will undermine the rights that were fought for, and continue to be fought for is important. It will help not only us but future generations of women. With knowledge, we individual people (both men and women) can help us keep moving forward and take fewer steps back.

I personally have made attempts to stay  informed on as much information as I can. Legislature and laws that may negatively or positively affect women. I know doing this will help me be a more informed voter.

My wish is that more women become involved in and learn about the laws that we are voting for and understand how they will affect us. (good or bad) With more of the people who will be directly effected involved, perhaps we will make greater strides as a country and not just as individuals.

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2017 Spring time in the California desert 

“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.”

Harrier Ann Jacobs

Although the first day of spring was a few days ago, it did not feel like spring for us until today. The flowers have been blooming here for almost two weeks , but while taking out the trash this morning, I found a wave of caterpillars.  I was so unbelievably excited. My husband thought I had never seen a caterpillar before (I have seen them before) I think I was overly excited because we are in the desert.

Hyles lineata (hummingbird moth) caterpillar

Of course I googled them. They are White-Lined Sphinx Moth caterpillars (Hyles lineata). Also known as hummingbird Moths the adults are key pollinators for the desert lilies. They are also blooming right outside our door. I love the smell!!


This beautiful flora is the lemon lily (lilium parryi). I thought this was interesting.
I also found out that the hiles lineata caterpillar eat apples. We had apples with our oatmeal this particular morning, so one lucky guy or gal had a nice slice.


Lemon Lily (lilium parryi)

Since it is spring and yesterday afternoon we had a small shower of rain everything seems more vibrant. Although it is a little windy  right now the sun is still shining and warm.Even our RV looks happy if that is possible.


There are so many pretty flowers. Whenever I go outside it reminds me how happy and lucky we are to be able to have and live our lifestyle. Although it is not carefree by Any means, we are not stressed with our duties.That makes a big difference for me in comparing to our previous life.

I think we all understand that the RV lifestyle tends to be an ever learning experience.There is almost always something to learn or try that can help make a better nomadic life.

Seeing the caterpillars marching, pigeons, crows, occasional vulture flying, and lizards running makes me feel happier. Perhaps it is because of spring.Seeing life in motion tends to make us happy. Being three months into this year, so far other than my website work, I haven’t really had much to be happy about in general.  Now I feel otherwise. A renewed interest in learning, sharing, and well-being.  Spring time is wonderful in its effects.

I hope that my readers and others living the nomadic/RV lifestyle are having a renewed interest and wonderment in the coming spring and the rest of the 2017 year.

Quote For Thought Wednesday


Quote For Thought Women Wednesday

To me this is not the case. I believe most women start with relatively normal expectations in most areas of life, if not all. Negative outcomes can effect everyone. Men and Women. If you have set backs most people will take a step back and re-evaluate.

This point is when I think the bar begins to drop. If we were talking about relationships, most will remember a bad match. And that may in fact color how the next relationship is viewed. I am not saying this is everyone, just most.So the bar drops.

If we are talking about finance, most people know it is rarely just about finance. You consider your job, your financial obligations, the things you want and need. If a woman isn’t happy in her job, there are a number of ways the outcome can go. If she gets a better job, the bar inches up. She goes back to school, the bar inches up. She is downsized and unable to bounce back, the bar goes down.

My way of thinking is that I do not believe any women actively starts with a low bar. It changes due to situations and how she responds to it. There are many areas in life that can be an example for this. This is just my opinion.

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Quote For Thought Wednesday


Quote For Thought Women Wednesday

My last couple of post for Women Wednesday have not been very fun. So this one I think will be. I take it to be about the beauty in every woman, no matter the aesthetics. we all know and understand that physical beauty is  not what makes a truly beautiful person.

Most would try to attain the beauty that is from the inside. The beauty of a well-rounded intellect far outshines the two dimensions of most dolls.

I am not all to sure of how this quote was intended to be taken, but this is what I think.

Because there are such a variety of beautiful women in the world today, there is very little that can be compared to them other than flowers that could do justice. Variety in beauty aside, the world at large would be a far more dull place in absence of the female species. And as I have said before, without women and their contributions the world would only be half as accomplished.

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Quotes For Thought Wednesday


Quotes For Thought Women Wednesday

When anyone has the ability to have control over themselves, they will understand that control over others is not necessarily what they truly want.

No one I know wants to have control over another person. Most people want others to do things , because they want to do it and not because they are being forced. When you have to force someone, or make them do something it looses its value. (That is my opinion anyway.)

If you have control over yourself. When you know yourself well enough to control your own behavior and emotions, it tends to be easier to know how to ask for the help you need from others. It is better to ask for what you want than to try to make others do anything.

Having control over yourself also means you will have control over the things concerning you. (Your life, your time, your money, your food, etc.) If you have control over most aspects of your life, you will find that you really have no need to have control over anyone else. The only reason to want power over men would be that they have access to or control over any of the previous mentioned things.

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