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Hello everyone, my name is Kj  LaMon. I love animals, photography,writing (Fiction and Poetry) and almost anything arts and craft and travel.

Helping animals have been my passion for the past 13 years. My career has been in veterinary medicine since high school graduation. Retirement has given me more time to dedicate to the other interest and passions that make me, ….. me. I have been going to State and National parks and having a blast. Taking wonderful photos and sharing my experiences here on the blog.

As I hope you can tell, I love writing.  Starting this blog has helped me have another outlet to create and hone one of my crafts. I write interesting articles about topics about the RV lifestyle and pets.

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Fiction and Poetry are two genre that I create most. I enjoy writing and learning more information about the topics I write about.

Another of my many interest include photography.

I love Black and White photography. I believe it is beautiful and interesting to say the least. When my readers come to my blog I hope they can feel the same interest in my favorite subjects as I do.

Peace and Love

Keisha D.Jackson-LaMon
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