Quote For Thought Wednesday


Quote For Thought Women Wednesday

Even the best in the field has someone to contend with. There will always be someone, wiser, faster, smarter. We have all heard this one before. But that is on an even playing field.

Our field has yet to be equal. I would say that it is close. It is getting to almost equal, but until it is….

Wanting equality to me in certain areas does in no way diminish the competitive drive of humans in general. Wanting equal pay for equal work, does not mean we lack the drive to be the boss. Perhaps it is a mild stepping stone to that  point. LOL

The most ambitious plans are carried out through small steps. Maybe that is where women’s ambition lies.

I know I am  ambitious to a degree. I want to be able to hold my own in whatever arena I end up in. That is not to say I necessarily model myself after the men in the field. Or that I want to be equal to them in how they went about doing their business. Even in their success and  on other accounts ,I believe my ambition  drives me to aim quite a bit higher.

How do you like the quote of the day? Let’s continue the conversation below. Leave a comment and let us know.

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