Quote For Thought Wednesday


Quote For Thought Women Wednesday

At some point, I am sure that every woman has had a thought or two as to why the individual rights of women,( in this era) still needs to be fought for. Why are there people who would want to make it harder for women and why are we not to the point of equality yet. It is concerning, we should not only be concerned for ourselves but for future generations that will also have to deal with this issue.

Women need to stay aware in regards to our rights as individuals, our rights to be treated fairly and justly in general. Knowing when something will undermine the rights that were fought for, and continue to be fought for is important. It will help not only us but future generations of women. With knowledge, we individual people (both men and women) can help us keep moving forward and take fewer steps back.

I personally have made attempts to stay  informed on as much information as I can. Legislature and laws that may negatively or positively affect women. I know doing this will help me be a more informed voter.

My wish is that more women become involved in and learn about the laws that we are voting for and understand how they will affect us. (good or bad) With more of the people who will be directly effected involved, perhaps we will make greater strides as a country and not just as individuals.

What about you, What do you think? Let’s continue the discussion down below. Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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