Quote For Thought Wednesday


Quote For Thought Women Wednesday

My last couple of post for Women Wednesday have not been very fun. So this one I think will be. I take it to be about the beauty in every woman, no matter the aesthetics. we all know and understand that physical beauty is  not what makes a truly beautiful person.

Most would try to attain the beauty that is from the inside. The beauty of a well-rounded intellect far outshines the two dimensions of most dolls.

I am not all to sure of how this quote was intended to be taken, but this is what I think.

Because there are such a variety of beautiful women in the world today, there is very little that can be compared to them other than flowers that could do justice. Variety in beauty aside, the world at large would be a far more dull place in absence of the female species. And as I have said before, without women and their contributions the world would only be half as accomplished.

What does this quote say to you? Let’s continue the conversation below, Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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