Quotes For Thought Wednesday


Quotes For Thought Women Wednesday

When anyone has the ability to have control over themselves, they will understand that control over others is not necessarily what they truly want.

No one I know wants to have control over another person. Most people want others to do things , because they want to do it and not because they are being forced. When you have to force someone, or make them do something it looses its value. (That is my opinion anyway.)

If you have control over yourself. When you know yourself well enough to control your own behavior and emotions, it tends to be easier to know how to ask for the help you need from others. It is better to ask for what you want than to try to make others do anything.

Having control over yourself also means you will have control over the things concerning you. (Your life, your time, your money, your food, etc.) If you have control over most aspects of your life, you will find that you really have no need to have control over anyone else. The only reason to want power over men would be that they have access to or control over any of the previous mentioned things.

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