Quotes For Thought Wednesday


Quotes For Thought Women Wednesday

Truly, If the women in a community has made no progress. The community has only itself gained half the ground it profess.

Women are known to think of problems and ideas differently than men do. They look at the same things in a new light. Intelligence has little if nothing to do with gender. If women are not allowed or considered when contributions are made in a community, it does very little for the people or the community as a whole. All may potentially suffer with the female absence.

The fact is there is a large group of females in every field : science, journalism,art, etc. these females have added to not only the United States, but the world has gained from the knowledge that they have contributed. I like to think that when women make progress, the world makes progress.

I personally love personal development and I am always trying to improve myself. I like to think that when I improve myself, by proxy I improve my immediate community. I do and will continue to contribute to my community, and I truly believe that we are all better for it.

I hope that you all feel the same or similar about this. Let’s continue the conversation below, leave us a comment!!!

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