Quote For Thought Wenesday


Quotes For Thought Women Wednesday

I believe that if there is a law or bill that will affect women in any negative way, immediately or in the future, Women should not only be educated about these laws and be able to make an informed decision about these laws. I was never one to be educated about laws. Very rarely was I even aware when I was suppose to be voting. I remember I was still working. I was working in an ER at the time and my overnight Doctor told me that I needed to be in the know.Since she was one of the women that I looked up to and modeled myself after, It got to me.

I now think that if you are one of those who do not vote or only vote in the presidential elections, when a new law comes about that negatively affect you in any way, that is usually when you will cry out or rally about, but unfortunately, that is usually too late. I think we should all be aware of the laws that we are voting for or against.

The more educated and the more research we do, the more we will be able to have laws that are equal and beneficial for all.(or at least most.)

I would like to think that a majority will agree with me in this. And I hope that you all will become or continue to be informed when voting, and help bring as much equality in our country and state laws.

Lets continue the conversation below!! leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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