Quote For Thought Monday

Quote For Thought:  Monday Motivation



Starting with good, we can make it better with determination and work. We can  turn our better into our best. I tend to be a bit optimistic. For me , I feel there is always room for me to improve. I love seeing improvement on things that I have been working on.

If I think my finished product can be better, I work until my husband tells me to take a break. I think that is when I get really into things. There have been times when he has had to stop me to eat lunch or stretch my legs, if I have been in the same place for too long.

People who are like that tend to never have a true end to projects. I feel that if I am working diligently and making progress towards a goal that I have made, I am usually most happy at those times. I don’t feel like I am doing busy work or not having enough time. Even when I have deadlines, seeing progress just propels me forward.

I completely agree with the quote today. I try to use thoughts like this to motivate me into action. You can not make your work better without action, and you certainly can not make it your best work.

What are your thoughts? Lets continue our conversation below. Leave a comment and tell a friend if you like our work.


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