2017 New Year Resolutions: Pagoda’s Dream

Since it is January of a new year, today we are writing about our New Year Resolutions. I have written down so far only seven . For me personally, a small list will make it easier for me to commit. Most authorities on change say it typically takes three months to make a habit. Four of my resolutions are habit changes as I see them.

  1. Continue positivity


    Keep moving(All the time)

  2. Take better quality photographs
  3. Write actual letters
  4. Be more outgoing



The second one,( taking better quality photographs) I know I can do as I continue to learn about photography and physically practice the craft. But once I learn more and put it into practice, then it becomes my habit.Self photo of my camera in mirror for www.pagodasdream.com

The third goal I made was because I have found myself offline more and more. I personally consider that a good thing, but my main point of contact with most of my friends farther away from me has been via text, email, and Facebook. Unfortunately even when I was closer to them I wasn’t an avid texter. ( Contrary to what our phone bill says!!) So, hand written letters it is. Another reason for this goal is I will have more time to practice my Spencerian penmanship. It will improve my script and keep people caught up on the happenings with us.

The fourth resolution was made because in the past opportunities have been missed. To go to a museum event or small get together or even to meet a new person. In the past we have rarely tried to meet new people. As with most people we stick with our close-knit group of friends.

Two of my resolutions are learning goals.

  1. I want to learn a Spanish language.
  2. Read (at least) 24 books this year,

Spanish book photo taken for www.pagodasdream.comThe first one will definitely help me long after I have finished my goal. It will open up more books to me, we will be able to meet more people, and travel to other spanish speaking countries when able to travel outside the continuous 48.

The second one is more simple. A long time ago my mother told me how simple it is to read more books. If you read one book a month , you have twelve books a year. Two a month, you have 24….and so on . This particular goal made  can be altered with no strain on my part. Once I pass 24 books I can continue reading , there is no reason for me to stop. Eventually it will become a new habit for me. Most people can burn through 50 online articles a month, but Articles are Not books.

(But here is a side note: E-books are books to me and therefore will count towards my personal goal as well as print books.)

There is one more resolution.

No matter who you are, most people (in the United States at least) have this on their resolution list . Weight Lose.

Because we focused our resolutions into goals we can make into habits I changed this one to exercise daily. With my schedule this is easy for me to do. But I don’t want to get up just to exercise. I do not have that great will power. So, while exercising I am also listening to some sort of hour-long audio book. (This does not count towards my book goal.) I am much more willing to get up and listen and learn than  to exercise.


Goals keep you growing!!

This year , sticking to these resolutions will be easier for me because ………I started in December!!!. I know what you are thinking, Is it a new year resolution if it was started before the New Year I think it is. I feel that a resolution is a resolution no matter when it was started.So why not start Now, that was my thinking last month. LOL

I feel better about this year because, I am already one month into my resolutions and am that much closer to making them my habits.

I hope that while most of you have made your New Years Resolutions. I hope that they are goals and habits that will not only help you this year or in the immediate future, but will help you through out your life.

What are some of your resolutions? Leave a comment below and let us know!!!

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