Happy New Years Everybody


       Happy New Years to one and all!!!


A new year means new beginnings for so many of us. As we begin the New Year with enthusiasm, we make our New Years Resolution lists and we are eager to start new projects and en-devours. Many of us have great expectations for ourselves and our family and friends. I hope this year is wonderful for everyone or as close to wonderful as can be.


Look up to the trees #2

I would like to once again thank my readers and supporters. For the past year, your feedback is what has kept me motivated to keep posting.Your encouragement and feedback helps and is greatly appreciated.


I hope each of you will be able to learn new things, go on adventures, meet new people, and all around enjoy life. I wish I had started this journey sooner. I always wanted to travel, but could never get the courage. With the help of my Husband and friends, I now have this opportunity and I will try very hard not to waste it. Hopefully in 2018 I can say I learned new things, went on adventures, met new people and enjoyed my life.


Early Morning start New Year

As the new year kicks off, I hope we will all be able to look back at 2016 and have fond memories and no regrets. Once again, Happy New Years and don’t forget you can find me on twitter, pinterest, facebook and our website.


Have a great 2017!!!


Kj LaMon



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