Flower Power 2016: Our visit to Clovis Botanical Garden

A few months ago in the fall, we were in a small town called Clovis, in California. My husband and I were there for a Baby shower for one of my closest friends. While we were there and awaiting the happy event we visited a couple of local parks and area attractions. They were all fun, especially since the weather was warm and we had nothing but time.

We spent an afternoon here, at Clovis Botanical Garden. This garden is nestled next to  Dry creek park . (Just a side note, I loved the street names in this city) The garden is between Alluvial and Nees in Clovis. I think I remembered alluvial the most because we traveled it the most. We had to go down it to turn around, because of the large vehicle.

Clovis botanical Garden, unfortunately, when we visited was not in full bloom. But those plants that were blooming were very pretty. And I like cacti. Just putting that out there so you know why I have so many pictures. Which also reminds me, if you go visit. When you first walk in grab a pamphlet that has the place outlined, it has the name of the plant next to the associated number. If you don’t grab one of those, inside as you walk around there are laminated pages (these stay in the garden!!) to tell you what’s what. When we visited there was a host that was able to answer our questions.

Earlier this year, when we were there, to go in was free. They asked us to give a donation, if you enjoyed your visit . We gave what we had in our pockets at the time. It was worth it, I think. This picture is of my favorite plant we saw. This one is when you first walk through the gate.

It is: Lantana Montevidensis  ‘Irene’


It was very pretty. I can’t remember, but I think my mother had one of these when I was younger. Definitely my favorite plant on this visit.


This botanical garden has several annual events each year. There are tours, informational events and plant exchanges for those who are interested. If you have an event you are celebrating , you can even rent  the pavilion located there. Go to their website for  more details.

I wanted to show you guys some nice flower pictures.

For those of you who do not like Winter, Don’t worry: Spring is coming!

For those of you who love Winter, Spring is coming!

And for those who are indifferent to Winter……..Tommorrow is another day!

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