Happy Holidays Everybody



         We can’t believe it is Christmas already!!!


I would like to wish you all a very happy Holiday Season. No matter how your Family celebrates this time of year. Be it Christmas, Honnika, Kwanza, Season festivities, or no celebration at all. I hope the ending of this year brings you all fond memories and no regrets.


It seems like just last week this journey of ours began. So many things have happen, so many changes. But as they say, “Change is Good!” . We have traveled to many wonderful and Beautiful places on the west coast. Continuing into 2017, we will still have more places to go and ideas to share.


I would like to take this opportunity to give my sincere thanks to all my readers, friends and supporters. You all make the work that goes into getting post and information together and out there,worth it.I hope I have been able to give you ideas to try, places to visit in this great land, and many things to talk about. I will continue to strive and provide great content, so please keep reading and enjoying.


If there are any things you would like to let me know, content you have enjoyed or ideas to improve the website please feel free to share,message, email, facebook, or instagram.

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