November Thankfulness



In the month of November (every year at this time), We are reminded to be grateful for the things that we have been blessed with. One of my photo assignment for the month was to photograph the things I am most grateful for. Looking back on this year, I have so many reasons to be grateful it is hard to choose just a few.

Although everything has not gone according to plan, our travels have worked out for the most part. Travelling in a RV has had its …….complications. But mostly we have had so much more fun that any downside has been outweighed. Being able to go to the beach at seven in the morning has been awesome. And not having to wait until the weekend is also great.

Personally, the top four things I am grateful for this year. This is just the four that have affected me the greatest in some way in 2016. My Thankful list is much much longer.

  • My Husband
  •  Friends & Family
  • Our RV
  • My Life

I am very grateful for my husband. Without him I can honestly say I would not be travelling. He does so much for me (way too much). I couldn’t do any of this without him. I’m grateful he encouraged me to semi-retire and begin this journey with him.

Friends and Family should always be on the top of any gratitude list. I am grateful for our friends that have encouraged us to travel. Those friends I can’t wait to write or text about our last stop or if I learned something new to share with them.


Our RV!!!  I’m also grateful for our new motor home.(I think she is the prettiest on the road, but I’m biased)  We named her Pagoda, after the place my husband and I met. Owning her has been a big learning curve for me. My husband knows so much more and keeps quizzing me on information that I should know. Its working, There is clearly a lot more I need to remember, but I’m getting there. Without Pagoda, we wouldn’t be able to travel around so much. And more people are open to talk to you when you share things in common.

I’m very grateful the way my life is right now. I have no idea what my life will be in the next 5 years, next year or next month come to think of it. But I’m very grateful for my life being what it is right now. I get to travel, see and explore new locations and meet  people.Its pretty different from where I was this time last year.


Seagull at Goleta Pier

One side note. I know I did my top four, but this one goes with my life gratitude. I am grateful for my health. My husband and I were walking on the pier in Goleta, California and I noticed almost every third seagull or pigeon had an injury or abnormality to one or both legs. But they were all big and plump and flying and seemingly happy otherwise.(I don’t know how to tell if they were happy….). I am grateful I have the use of my legs and that I have them. It just really struck me on that walk. Just one more piece to my gratefulness puzzle

ACKNOWLEDGING THE GOOD THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE IN YOUR LIFE IS THE FOUNDATION FOR ALL ABUNDANCE.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Eckhart Tolle

I know that there are so many things that I am grateful for. These four do not come close to finishing my list. And it keeps growing daily, as I learn new things, meet new people, and face new challenges. Next year I’m sure my list will be even longer. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and  remember to be grateful all year for your joys and blessings.

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