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Bravo Farms

Bravo Farms


Travelling down the highway 99 in California,  there were literally seven large billboards proclaiming,” Visit Bravo Farms“. Each one had a new attraction, that made me want to stop more and more. Really, they had me at ice cream. This day it was at least 85 degrees. I was melting. We made our way to the Bravo Farms in Traver, CA.

First we entered the ice cream shop. It was small and had about 11 flavors to choose from, but I am annoyed at myself I didn’t try the coconut. I went with the strawberry. It was good, but if we come back to this part of California, I’m trying the coconut.The shop itself was a nice and cozy shop.

Next, we went through the small restaurant to the little shopette. It had some very cute items.One item that caught my attention was a yearbook, for the year you were born. I had fun reminiscing about my year. Oh yes, The eighties!!!  There were other items that were more like a little mall. Funny collection of flasks to choose from. A really nice cheese and wine selection.

Then we got to a nice surprise, I didn’t see the advertisement for the petting zoo. And, of course, I didn’t go onto yelp or google it before we stopped. If I had, I probably wouldn’t have been so delighted. I ran around like a kid. I took pictures and talked to other visitors.If you do go, after visiting the goats, follow the walkway around and there is another rooster in the back. He was all alone, But we think maybe he didn’t get along with the others. He was a bit larger than the others. Yep….,I fed him a little more than the others.

At one point, one of the goats got itself out of the enclosure. I went to one of the young ladies working in the small restaurant and told her, “One of the adorable goats is out.”  He stayed close to the other goats but was quite skittish when you got too close.Soon two young ladies from the restaurant came out to corral the wayward goat. It took them about ten minutes to get him into an area.


There were also parrots, the first one got most of the attention, but the other two were just as cute. No one talked, I tried to get them to say “Hello “. But nope, not a word. The parrot just looked at me like “Why are you repeating yourself?”

All together, we spent about and hour and a half here. It was a fun and spontaneous place to stop. And since I wasn’t expecting the petting zoo, it was more fun for me. When we started out originally we were looking for something to do in the area and we definitely succeeded. I think it was great fun. Bravo farms actually has 4 locations, so not just in Trevo. There is also one in Visalia, Tulare, and Kettleman City. I hope that if any of you are in the area you stop by and have as much fun as I did.

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