The daunting task of Heart Attack Hill.

A nice trail with a bad name

Yesterday,my husband and I returned to Dash Point #statepark. Unlike previously when we were at the #Skimboarding competition,  there was no crowd of cheering fans. It was a relatively calm day. Very peaceful, so I planned to check out the many trails there.

Once parked, I did a 180 and headed in the opposite direction of the beach. I was going to hike the trails instead. I had my route plotted and my midland in hand (in case I needed to call my husband.)


DSC_0036By the time I began my walk, the sun was out and beaming through the trees. I was happy to have the sunlight, as I had my camera and got many photos.

The first half of the trail started out fine. I had gotten the Thames Creek trail done easily on another day trip, so this time was no problem. Next I followed the #Outbound trail for 0.35 miles. This is where we had to stop on our last trip.

I continued up, my next part was the daunting #HeartAttackHill. As I came to the fork in the trail that separated to two different trails, most other hikers took to the slightly shorter Boundary trail. As I headed to my destination, another hiker jokingly asked if I were sure I wanted to take that trail. I told him and his wife I was going to try.

I was a little concerned as I hadn’t seen any other hikers coming this way. But on the other hand, a majority of them were families with small children. As I continued on the sound of the creek faded, as did the sound of other hikers. I could still hear birds chirping and the sunlight through the trees was very beautiful.Unfortunately,  my midland stopped working.

This part of the trail, which I had thought would be such a challenge,  was only mildly challenging. Greatfull that I wasn’t feeling as tired as I thought I would, and not having a heart attack,  Thank goodness, I made my way to another fork. This divided into the IMBA trail and the Log jam trail. I look at my map and decided to go back towards the beach. The #Logjamtrail was full of curves but was no more difficult than Heart attack hill. I did come across one biker during this time, and one other hiker. But no one else seemed to take this particular challenge that day.


Once back on Boundary trail, making my way back was a snap. I had easily drank both the bottled waters my husband insisted I take with me, before I hit boundary the second time. Soon I heard the rush of water in Thames creek and the giggle of children and the chatter of other hikers as I got closer to the beach.

I met up with my husband and we had a nice lunch. I told him about how beautiful it was and he agreed to go next time. I absolutely love trails and the quiet up there, but the best part was still walking on the beach holding my husbands hand. It was all in all a very pleasant day. I hope all of yours was as well. #mybestlife


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