Unexpected Fun. Skim Board Competition.


 We are spending the day here at #Dash Point. I was planning on hiking and taking nature photos. After an hour hike, I came back to the beach to find that there is a skim board competition today.

  Watching the youth, ameture, and pro divisions I can see the time and talent put into this sport. There was only one female competitor here. She was in the youth division.  But I believe she held her own with the boys. And it is definitely a Boys Club.

   I picked out my favorites as I watched them run and board up and down the narrow stream. I will not know if any of my picks won until after three today, but its a pleasurable wait as I continue to watch. 

   This is also my first attempt at sports action #photography. I also can’t wait to go through the results of my photography.  

   Hopefully I have some great shots, not only of the sport but of the pros and up and comers.#Skimboarding looks very fun and like a lot of hard work. If I were a few thousand years younger, I would be signing up right now. Don’t know how my husband would like that. Lol.

    The competition is wrapping up with the pro division right now. This was definitely a unexpected diversion today. I hope the competitors enjoyed themselves as much as I enjoyed watching them.

  I think enjoyable diversions like today’s Skim board competition are fun and our journey will only continue as we go on to our #Bestlife.

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